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‘This Rugby Spellbound People’ The Birth of Rugby in Cardiff and Wales (2015)


This is a revised edition of the 2011 book  below.

Signed copies can be ordered directly from the publishers St. David’s Press:


Huw Richards: (2011)

Professor Tony Collins: Sport in History Vol 32 (3) September 2012 pp. 455-457

Professor Andy Croll: Welsh History Review Vol 27 (1) 2014 pp. 163-165

Dr. Martin Johnes: International Journal of the History of Sport Vol 29 (10) pp.1505-1507

Professor Peter Stead: Morgannwg Vol LV 2011 pp.155- 158


‘Call Them To Remembrance’ The Welsh Rugby Internationals who Died in the Great War (2014)


Signed copies can be ordered directly from the publishers St. David’s Press:

‘Call Them to Remembrance’ has been written as a tribute to the memory of the thirteen Welsh rugby internationals who died on active service during the First World War. It includes individual chapters on each player, in which their lives, rugby and sporting careers and military service are covered. In order to provide a narrative for the history of Welsh rugby in its formative years from the 1870s to 1914, the chapters are arranged in the chronological order in which each player represented Wales:

Richard Davies Garnons Williams; Charles Gerald Taylor; Louis Augustus Phillips; Charles Meyrick Pritchard; David Westacott; Richard Thomas; John Lewis Williams; Phillip Dudley Waller; Brinley Richard Lewis; Horace Wyndham Thomas; William Purdon Geen; Fred Leonard Perrett; and David Watts.

Contributions from the royalties generated from the sales of ‘Call Them to Remembrance’ have been and will be donated to the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust:


Carolyn Hitt: Western Mail (12 May 2014) “A fitting tribute to the Welsh rugby legends who never received a testimonial”

Professor James Holzmeister: Sport Literature Association (2015)

Dr. John R. Alban, Morgannwg Vol LVIII 2014 pp.175-177

See also:

Carolyn Hitt: Western Mail (5 November 2016) “Reasons sport cannot be separated from remembrance”


‘This Rugby Spellbound People’ Rugby Football in Nineteenth-Century Cardiff and South Wales (2011)


Published by Welsh Academic Press.


Cardiff Sporting Greats (2007)


Jointly edited with Andrew Hignell

Published by Stadia Tempus.


‘The Best and Happiest Team’ A History of Cardiff High School Old Boys Rugby Football Club 1929-1978 (1979)


Published by Cardiff High School Old Boys RFC.


Contributed early chapters to:

The Spirit of Penarth: One Hundred and Thirty-One Years of Seaside Rugby 1880-2011 (2011)


by Chris Thau

Published by CHT Publishing.